Bstrong - Web development

Creation of Online Store for the company Bstrong.

Catarina Martins - Web development

Creation of Online Store for the company Season Temptation.

Emboscada - Web development

Creation of Online Store for the company Emboscada.

Biostrument - Redesign Web Application

Redesign the Web application layout according to the WebStandards good practices, in order to be compatible with the following browsers: Internet Explorer; Mozilla Firefox; Apple Safari and Google Chrome.

Ipatimup - Parking Lot Management

Application to manage the entrance and exit of vehicles from a parking lot. BackOffice registration of vehicles. Printing of cards for the use of vehicles with their codes.

Ipatimup – Stock Manager

Stock management for hazardous chemical material. The project consisted in storing the entry and exit of chemicals by bar codes. With this application it would be possible to know which dangerous chemical products that were inside the institute

Lipor – EcoShop

Application developed for people with motor and visual disabilities. The Ecoshop has interaction from a large and tactile screen. The application registers the material that customers deposit in the ecopoints, offering cumulative points for a card worth.

Unicer – Phone Web Application

The implemented implementation has most of the flows directly integrated with SAP. Unicer has a web front end for approval and historical queries with the ERP. Agility to approve or reject an instance from a mobile device allows a significant reduction in the user interaction workflow time. The application allows you to create reports and collect statistics on the average time of each flow, which results in a continuous improvement of the business workflow.